The Bold Type
Season 3 | Episode #9
"Final Push"
Directed by
Kimberly McCullough

Season Premiere April 29, 2019


Recent Work

The Conners

Episode 07
“Hold The Salt”
Directed By Kimberly McCullough

The Connors

Episode 10
“Don’t Shoot The Piano Teacher”
Directed By Kimberly McCullough

The Cool Kids

Episode 16
“The Cool Kids Un-Retire”
Directed By Kimberly McCullough

One Day At A Time

Season 3
Episode 09 “Anxiety”
& Episode 10 “The Man”
Directed By Kimberly McCullough

All About The Washingtons

Season 1
Episode 05 “Please Hamper, Don’t Hurt ‘Em”
& Episode 06 “Papa Said You Log Out”
Directed By Kimberly McCullough

Youth & Consequences

Episode 07
“Crotch Riot”
Directed By Kimberly McCullough

Youth & Consequences

Episode 08
“The Fall From Grace”
Directed By Kimberly McCullough

Pretty Little Liars

Season 06
Episode 13
“The Gloves Are On”
Directed By Kimberly McCullough

Pretty Little Liars​

Season 07
Episode 08
“Exes and OMGs”
Directed By Kimberly McCullough

Representation matters,” said The Conners director Kimberly McCullough, who is also known for her long-time acting role, playing Robin Scorpio on General Hospital. “Whether it is in the entertainment industry, a board room or congress. For the first time, these inequities are being discussed in the main stream.

- Kimberly McCullough


Kimberly McCullough is about to direct the iconic reboot of HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL for the new streaming service, Disney+.  Last year, she wrapped on Freeform and UTVs hit series THE BOLD TYPE. She also directed two episodes of THE CONNERS for ABC and the new FBC comedy COOL KIDS this fall. Last year, Kimberly directed her third episode of Netflix’s ONE DAY AT A TIME for Norman Lear and Sony. Previously, Kimberly directed two episodes, including the finale, of YouTubeRed & Mark Gordon’s YOUTH & CONSEQUENCES. Kimberly has directed two episodes of PRETTY LITTLE LIARS for Freeform & Warner Horizon.
A Latina director, Kimberly is a true utility player with a diverse resume covering hour long drama, single cam and multi cam comedies.