2013 Year End Wrap Up




2013 was a year of triumph and tragedy for me. It started out by me landing my very first paid directing job on “Shake It Up.” It couldn’t have gone better. The cast and crew were supportive and I felt at home watching the “quad” and working with talented young performers. Then my Director’s guild packet came in the mail and I received my membership card. There was my name and James Dean’s mug on the same image! I couldn’t get over it, I showed anyone who would let me. It was a dream come true of mine. A sort of validation from the industry after working so hard to get there. Yet, it was only the beginning. I went on to shadow other established directors and I’m looking forward to my next gig.

Then, on Oscar night, my dog Flash passed away. It was something that I knew was coming but wasn’t quite prepared for. My other dog Melba has been a trooper this year, enduring yet another move and laying close to me, always giving me comfort. And hell, my new house has an avocado tree. Can’t be mad at that…

The summer started out right- I finally got my butt back in the water and my surfing crew slowly came back together. It was a lot of fun mornings of my friends calling me to try and wake me up, me complaining about being cold and tired and finally shutting up when I got in the water. Bree mastered her wave storm and graduated to the surf diva. I got a little better at my duck dive. Casper continued to be supportive even though I would tease her for not wanting to act like she knows me in front of her super rad surfer friends.

The end of the summer brought a unique challenge of raising funds for my first feature film. Talk about putting yourself out there! I decided to jump off the cliff and put my heart and soul into inspiring others to help me bring a story to life that I believe in so much. I dived into social media and got creative. I was deeply humbled by all the people who lended their support and were interested in something that they hadn’t yet seen and had to put their faith in. Ultimately, our Indiegogo campaign was successful and we surpassed our goal of 100k. Crazy-town.

Then it was time to return home to my family at GH. Driving in to the Prospect Gate in my big truck gave me a sense of all is right in the world. I am who I am, but sometimes I play a doctor on TV. And I love it. I forgot how good it felt for Anzhela to brush my hair or Bobby to do my make-up. Sigh. All I had to do now was to click back in to emoting full time.

During my 2nd week at work, something happened that I wasn’t expecting. My father passed away. I was with him when he died, so no regrets there but it’s the first time in my life that I didn’t have to clue how to deal with how I was feeling. If you noticed that I looked a little tired or not all the way there in some scenes, it’s probably because I was. I want to say that going back to work right away helped me cope. Certainly, I had nothing but love and support from everyone and I believe having something to focus on besides reality got me through the toughest days.

And the show must go on… I was so proud to find out that GH had some of it’s best rating in years and I have been having such a great time working with everyone again, especially Finola, Jason and Brookyln. Brooklyn has grown into such a fine actress in the time I was off the show and was always a little envious of Jason that he had so many meaningful moments on screen with her. Now that we have the slow-mo run to each other in the church, I feel better about this. That was epic!

Tomorrow, I’m off to my best friends wedding and I have to say it’s a great way to end the year. 2013 marked big beginnings and very final ends for me. I’m humbled, grateful and tired. I’m looking forward to a little less drama next year, making the film that so many people have supported already and climbing Machu Picchu. I’m even learning French and hope to visit Paris next year to see for myself what Robin likes so much about it.

Happy New Year Peeps!