2014 Year End Wrap Up


Howdy folks! This year I decided to go through all of my pictures on my phone from 2014 and see if I actually did what I set out to do. I encourage you to do so yourself (it was kinda fun) If there is such a thing as quality time versus quantity, I experienced a rich year full of moments that will go down in the “never forget” column. This was not by accident per se. If you read my year end wrap from last year, you would know that 2013 wasn’t the greatest year for me. But one little gift that defeat and loss can bring is — perspective. I was stripped to the bone, brought back to the basics of life, reminded of what really mattered to me. For me, as for a lot of us, it comes down to spending time with the people that I love. I’m going to give you a taste of what my year was like by showing you pictures of the faces who bring me joy and some of things I encountered on my journey to replenish my spirit and basically GET ON WITH IT.

As the great Kin Shriner once said “Change your hair, Change your life.” I started out the year with a hair cut. One of my favorite people Anzhela gave me a cut my long hair into a cute bob on my last day at General Hospital. I was free!!!!!!!!

photo 1-1photo-27


I got an opportunity to shadow the Executive Producer and Director of Grey’s Anatomy Rob Corn. It was a complicated episode involving the separation of conjoined twins at the head. Rob is not only a talented director but also an incredible boss that governs with class and kindness. Rob introduced me to Debbie Allen who was on set one day and I got to thank her in person for giving me my first two jobs in the business (Fame, and the People’s Choice Awards). Pretty sure she had no idea who I was, but it felt so great to shake her hand and say “Hey- I was a dancer and now I’m a Director… like you. Thank you for giving me a shot when I was 6 years old.” Oh- and I also met Michael Medico (who was shadowing with me) and I don’t care what he says, he’s stuck with me. Since General Hospital shoots next door to Grey’s, I got to have lunch with one of my favorite kids on the planet… Brooklyn Silzer.





I took 2 trips to Santa Cruz this year. One in the winter with my friends and one in the summer with my nieces. I fell in love with this place once again and hope to be able to live there at some point in my life. A really special thing that happened was my nieces got to meet my God-children. We all went to the boardwalk and went on rides courtesy of my friend Becky who I’ve known since high school. Natalia, the mother of my God-children, who I’ve also known since the 7th grade, Becky and I had our own little La Mirada reunion as the kids played.

photo-22photo 1photo-9


I went to Arizona twice this year as well. Once to Sedona with my road dog Danielle (that’s a whole separate blog entry) and the other to participate in a retreat with some gorgeous horses. The first time was to cleanse my body, the second trip I focused on healing and letting go. I left a ton of muck in that red dirt!




This year I had some great memorable times with my friends.

Me and Danielle (road dog) at my birthday party.




Some of us at San Onofre, my favorite surf spot. Zoe taught me what “Beer O’ Clock” was. I was happy to comply.




Here, my dear friend Minae is rubbing her scent all over my new car. She’s territorial. We also got to celebrate with her at the premiere for TMNT. She was so badass as “Karai.”



A bunch of us ladies had a pre-game session in the bed of my truck at the Beyonce/JZ concert. It rained on us but it was magical. We didn’t even care if they were not really together… we saw Beyonce’s hot bod in silhouette!


Then there was the kick off to a great summer when I went to Europe on a solo trip. On the way I visited my favorite couple, my cousin and her new husband in Brooklyn and jet off to  soak up some culture.



I went to Paris and Amsterdam alone which allowed me to make new friends. I even passed by Natalie Portman in Paris, which is always a plus. Can’t be mad at that Dior face. And Claudio- this one’s for you “Fame is a bitch.”




I came home and immediately went into a shadowing assignment on Pretty Little Liars with Arlene Sanford.



Family starting pouring into town for my brother’s wedding and it seemed like everything was all good in the world. I was working and playing with the same intensity and I loved it.



The next couple months were all about family. I spent time with my brother who was visiting from Samoa and my nieces. I even survived Disneyland!



This is us back in the day. Dang we got old!




I went back to shadow on PLL, this time with Roger Kumble and I really fell in love with the crew.


While I was there, I found out I got a job Directing an episode of KC Undercover!



I also did a reading of a TV pilot I wrote called HEY DAY and we had a great turn out. The ball was rolling, people!




Oh yeah, and….

I met up with Amy and Jocelyn in Vegas where I learned that people with kids party harder than those without.


My friend Lesli wrote a book. And quoted me in it. Who knew I had any relationship advice to give?


And I became a part of a posse– We roll deep.


I left the best for last… babies, babies, babies. Three new souls came into my life and I got to meet them all fresh out of the hatch.



And there’s Melba, my “life partner” as Vanessa Marcil calls her. The constant in my life.I nub her. You can probably tell from my Instagram pics. She’s a 13 year old English Mastiff and she’s still going strong. Still putting up with me.



And then there’s the person who makes me feel like this. Truly happy; warm and cozy by the fire and yes- checking my phone for any sweet texts that may come through.


Coming off the heels on getting to do what I love the most last week (Directing) and looking at all these perfect moments, I am grateful for an awesome, awesome year. Thank you for letting me share my life with you and I wish everyone a wonderful holiday and wrap up to the year!


Me with Trinitee Stokes who plays “Judy” on the upcoming show KC Undercover.




Me with the awesome stunt team. Yes- there were a lot of stunt in a half hour sitcom.