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2016 Year End Wrap Up

  January 1rst 2016. Stephanie and her dog Rocky met us at the Ventura Dog Beach. A place where in my near future I would be taking Jack on many adventures. But I didn’t know this then. All I knew is that I needed to heal. I was still very raw from losing my baby girl in September and even though I had hope I would make it through and eventually get my shit together, most days I felt like the odds were stacked against me.  I put one foot in front of the other, as they say, and woke up each day seeing it as an opportunity to find joy in spending time with the people I love and working on things I felt passionate about. Easy does it… The year started off with a lot of pictures of Jack. He can’t help it. He looks good at every angle. He’s the ultimate emotional support dog, with his goofy grin and playful demeanor. I can’t tell you how many compliments this dude gets on a daily basis.  I joined the Film Fatales and wasn’t long after, that I hosted an event in my backyard. There were 30 female filmmakers there, including Lesli Linka Glatter who humbly acted like she was one of us. God, I love that woman. We talked about creating your own content and the successes of women who had created their own TV shows. That night, I made a commitment to myself to see Hey Day … Continue reading

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Equal Means Equal… dammit.

Before seeing the incredible documentary Equal Means Equal, I had no idea that in 2016, women do NOT have equal rights under the constitution. The documentary also touches on all of the situations in our society that are affected by this including; violence against women, the fight for equal pay, reproductive rights, sexual assault, and healthcare for women. I was compelled to dig deeper… Here is my interview with Kamala Lopez (Equal Means Equal Director/Ex Producer) and Suzanne Whang (Actor/Comedian/Activist):   Hi ladies, I wanted to do this interview in a round table sort of discussion because I saw your film (Kamala) when Suzanne had a screening at her house.   K: Which is so great! And exactly the idea! My dream is that we have all these groups of women who are hosting parties and working together to continue to build this movement.   Me: And it really is like this circle of inspiration…Especially when women hold each other up, so thank you both of you for talking to me today.   K: Of course, I love this!   S: Yes! Thank you for doing it!   Me: What is your hope for the impact of your film? Do you suggest that people do their own home screenings?   K: Yes, that’s exactly it. The thing is, we are in a society right now where it’s so top-heavy in terms of power. If you want to get any information out, it can only come from the people. We are … Continue reading

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On the shoulders of Giants!

  The founder members of the Women’s Steering Committee: Nell Cox, Lynne Littman, Susan Bay, Dolores Ferraro, and Victoria Hochberg.   Last night attended the 35th Anniversary of the Women’s Steering Committee at the DGA. It was a  celebration of sorts. The night was honoring the women who started the committee 35 yrs ago as well as three renowned female Directors: Patty Jenkins (Monster), Mimi Leder (The Leftovers) and Betty Thomas (Private Parts). Yet, there was an undertone of sadness and defeat that was addressed, but not harped on. Yesterday morning, I received the DGA (Directors Guild of America) monthly publication, and on the front cover was the heading- “Employers Make No Improvement in Diversity Hiring In Episodic Television: DGA Report.” This isn’t the first I’ve heard or seen of these bleak numbers. Two % of episodes of television are directed by minority females. The fact that I fall under this category, (yes, I am half Mexican) makes me feel both privileged and terrified. “Privileged” because I’ve been given a shot and am now a member of the DGA, and “terrified” because so many of my colleagues are NOT working as directors and the numbers have not improved significantly in the last few years. In fact, they are getting worse. When I was 17 and made my first film, I had an understanding of how difficult it was to get a film made, mainly because I had to convince 50 of my friends to come to a dingy club in … Continue reading

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2013 Year End Wrap Up

  2013 was a year of triumph and tragedy for me. It started out by me landing my very first paid directing job on “Shake It Up.” It couldn’t have gone better. The cast and crew were supportive and I felt at home watching the “quad” and working with talented young performers. Then my Director’s guild packet came in the mail and I received my membership card. There was my name and James Dean’s mug on the same image! I couldn’t get over it, I showed anyone who would let me. It was a dream come true of mine. A sort of validation from the industry after working so hard to get there. Yet, it was only the beginning. I went on to shadow other established directors and I’m looking forward to my next gig. Then, on Oscar night, my dog Flash passed away. It was something that I knew was coming but wasn’t quite prepared for. My other dog Melba has been a trooper this year, enduring yet another move and laying close to me, always giving me comfort. And hell, my new house has an avocado tree. Can’t be mad at that… The summer started out right- I finally got my butt back in the water and my surfing crew slowly came back together. It was a lot of fun mornings of my friends calling me to try and wake me up, me complaining about being cold and tired and finally shutting up when I got in the … Continue reading

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Welcome to the official site of Kimberly McCullough Welcome to my official site where you will probably learn more about me than you already know. At least, that’s the idea of having an official site. I’m excited to share my films, my photos, my thoughts and dreams. Let’s start a conversation and get to know each other. I’ll go first… I dig the ocean, female directors, dogs, high-tops, dumb jokes, good wine, my girlfriends, my brothers, Fincher, dance, surfing, my friend’s kids, cooking, and making movies. Enough small talk-

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About Kimberly

About Kimberly McCullough Kimberly McCullough’s first gig came at the age of six, in the cult classic Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo, as a featured break-dancer. Kimberly soon secured other dance jobs on Fame, Solid Gold, and The People’s Choice Awards. In August of 1985, she originated the role of Robin Scorpio on the daytime soap opera, General Hospital. Kimberly earned six Daytime Emmy nominations and two wins in her role as Robin. In 1996, Kimberly left General Hospital to attend NYU Film School and went on to write and direct two short films:Life After and Lil Star. While working as an actress on The Shield and Once and Again, Kimberly shadowed directors Ed Zwick, Marshall Herskovitz and Clark Johnson. She again shadowed Clark Johnson on Swat and The Sentinel. Kimberly returned full-time to General Hospital in 2005 as Dr. Robin Scorpio, and later starred in the ABC primetime GH spin-off, General Hospital: Night Shift (2007), playing her daytime and nighttime roles simultaneously. Kimberly left General Hospital in February, 2012,to pursue directing full-time. In June, 2010, Kimberly was one of eight women selected to participate in the AFI Directing Workshop for Women, where she wrote and directed the dark comedy, Nice Guys Finish Last. The film won the AFI Nancy Malone award and has been accepted into 12 festivals world wide, including LA Comedy Fest and Shockfest where Kimberly received the “Best Director” award. Kimberly is currently a Director in the ABC/DGA Creative Talent Program 2012-2014. In January, 2013, Kimberly directed her first … Continue reading

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