I Like Older Men

I Like Older Men For one reason or another, I’ve always been good at getting myself out of sticky situations. When Regis Philbin interviewed me when I was 8 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ucoW-RoSLBA), asking me if I had a boyfriend and that he heard he was... (continue reading...)

Hey! Must be the money!

Hey! Must be the money! Child birth isn't for the faint of heart. After 34 hours of labor, I ended up having to have a c-section anyway. Birth plan, smirth plan. Shout out to the nurses who kept me calm and distracted me with stories of their lives. And god love my... (continue reading...)

The Perks Of Pregnancy

The Perks Of Pregnancy I'm one of those people who likes being pregnant. One of the best things about being pregnant is that even if I'm not particularly productive on any given day, well...at least I'm growing a baby. That always makes me feel useful.  Of course... (continue reading...)

Alternative Facts In The Upside Down

Alternative Facts In The Upside Down     The earth is flat.  Climate change isn't real. Donald Trump respects women more than anybody.    There are people who not only believe these statements, but also defend them as truths. There are photos of a... (continue reading...)

2016 Year End Wrap Up

2016 Year End Wrap Up   January 1rst 2016. Stephanie and her dog Rocky met us at the Ventura Dog Beach. A place where in my near future I would be taking Jack on many adventures. But I didn't know this then. All I knew is that I needed to heal. I was still very... (continue reading...)

Equal Means Equal… dammit.

Equal Means Equal… dammit. Before seeing the incredible documentary Equal Means Equal, I had no idea that in 2016, women do NOT have equal rights under the constitution. The documentary also touches on all of the situations in our society that are affected by this... (continue reading...)

Cult Vibes

We’ve all heard of Waco, Polygamist sects and cult-like religions. Some of them have ended in death and or have been exposed for rape and abuse. We all shake our heads and say, “how does that happen?” We wonder how the members of that... (continue reading...)


VCR to DVR Before I got my job on GH when I was 7, I was already training to be an Olympic gymnast. All that really means, is you get picked out of a crowd and a really special trainer loosely claims you. I remember sitting in an office where my mother... (continue reading...)


George   Thank you George for being there yesterday with me. I was rattled and when you said "I saw that son of a bitch" I didn't feel so alone. When you stopped your station-wagon to give me the description of the vehicle that hit me, I wasn't... (continue reading...)

My Name Is Kimberly

My Name Is Kimberly   I’ve always hated my name. When I think of a “Kimberly”, I see a blonde cheerleader type, bubbly and sweet and ready to count all the ways in which she loves you. I’m not this type. I have brown hair, I’m a total tomboy and I... (continue reading...)