How I love Jason Thompson (let me count the ways)



I’ve been asked several times, “What’s the hardest part about leaving GH?” The god honest truth is… not being able to see my friend every day.

I never expected to become close to Jason, it just happened over time. Jason once said to me, “I’ve haven’t looked at anyone’s face more than yours the past 6 years.” I thought, too bad for him, I think I got the better end of that deal. And I have to say, I’ve never been sick of that face. Who would, right? He’s gorgeous. Right about now, you might be thinking, “Is this a love thing? Are they in love?” I can only speak for myself when I say, no. It’s not like that and that’s why I love Jason so much. We have the kind of friendship where I can say, “I love you” and he doesn’t think I want to bone him.

I’ve had the privilege of seeing what’s behind that handsome face. We’ve seen each other at our worst and his “worst” ain’t all that bad. He has a sense of humor that can usually dig him out of most holes. We’ve cried, we’ve yelled at each other, on-screen and off, and we remain friends.

When I was a kid, I kept my work life and private life very separate. I had my friends at school and when I went to work, I was surrounded by adults who loved and supported me. It wasn’t until I came back to the show after an 8 year hiatus that I was able to develop adult friendships. So when I first met Jason, I was nervous. I tried to keep a distance simply because that’s what I had always done. This is how I believed I stayed “normal” and not sucked into all the Hollywood bullshit. But there was something about this dude from Canada that helped me let my guard down and entertain the idea of becoming friends with my onscreen love interest.

We tease each other a lot. We are both good at that. He’s better. He’s better because he’s  such an amazing observer. To this day, he still teases me about my fake yawn. Apparently, I yawn when I’m nervous or afraid of conflict. I yawn to get out of the situation. How passive aggressive of me, right? Anyway, I notice myself doing it sometimes and have to laugh because he’s so right. Our banter has always been top notch. But in the case of bantering, I’m not sure which came first, Robin and Patrick or Kimberly and Jason. Onscreen and off, it seems like our favorite thing to do. People in the make-up room always say we argue like a divorced couple who are still friends. I’d say that’s accurate.

I’ve seen Jason grow as an actor over the years and cried like his mom when I saw him in his first play. He’s pushed me when I’ve been lazy, which can be a lot of the time. We’ve had to pull off some of the toughest scenes, sometimes we failed miserably but that didn’t keep us from trying again the next day. Together, we built the Robin and Patrick couple that so many fans have grown to love. We have our own convictions about our characters and our characters relationship and have tried to carry that on with our onscreen daughter, Emma. It’s been quite a ride.

There was a time when we would wear practically the same outfit to work if not the exact same colors. I love how Jason always comments on my hair in the morning or if he doesn’t say anything because he doesn’t like my shoes or whatever. He’s fashion oriented, so he can’t really help himself. There was also a time when Jason would bring me breakfast every morning. Sometimes, it was a bribe to run lines. But no matter how you slice it, it was always a kind thing to do.

How I love Jason (let me count the ways)

1. He’s funny

2. He wears tight pants

3. He loves kids

4. He’s a sensitive actor

5. He’s a great friend

6. He’s an observer

7. He has integrity

8. He always wants to be better

9. He still says “Sorry” with a Canadian accent

10. He’s never told me my  breath smells even though I know it has

And those are just some of the things I miss.

P.S. Jason– don’t get a big head if you read this.