My Name Is Kimberly




I’ve always hated my name. When I think of a “Kimberly”, I see a blonde cheerleader type, bubbly and sweet and ready to count all the ways in which she loves you. I’m not this type. I have brown hair, I’m a total tomboy and I make you earn my love.


My mother wanted to name me Kendall, which I would’ve preferred, but my father wanted to name me Melba after his mother who had passed away when he was only 19. As a compromise, they decided on Kimberly. It was a popular name at the time. It was 1978. Kimberly, Stephanie, and Jennifer were modern names compared to Ruth, Barbara and Francis, so…. I get it.


Side Note: Years later I named my English Mastiff Melba, after my grandmother who I never met. The old gal lived till she was 13 and half.


It wasn’t until my early 20’s that I began to investigate my name and the meaning behind it. I had assumed all this time that it was a boring white name with no real cultural juice to it, which me brings to the other reason my name felt so ordinary to me. My brothers are half Samoan and they are aptly named Kevica and Manaia-Sieva. Yup. I got stuck with good ol’ pom pom shakin’, Kimberly.


When I finally got past all the hate and actually looked it up, I found out that my name meant “Royalty” or “The Crown Jewel.” I found this interesting since my favorite color (purple) happens to be the color associated with royalty. And taking it a step further, I had named my companies Drama Queen Entertainment, and When I Am King Productions without knowing the meaning of my name. Hmm, curious…


I was forced to accept that the name Kimberly suits me after all. And even though I’ve contemplated changing my name to George (don’t ask me why), I’m sticking with it for now. I will even go so far as to say that I’m starting to like it. Even though, culturally is says virtually nothing about me, if you dig a little deeper, it’s meaning is certainly something to aspire to.