The Perks Of Pregnancy


I’m one of those people who likes being pregnant. One of the best things about being pregnant is that even if I’m not particularly productive on any given day, well…at least I’m growing a baby. That always makes me feel useful.

Of course there are some days when I feel trapped in my body and I’d like to strap the baby suit on someone else for a few hours while I go to dance class and twerk my butt off. For now, I relish in long walks with Jack and online yoga in my office.

I feel really powerful when I’m pregnant. My body is so smart! It knows just what to do! It tells me what to eat and when I need to rest and there is no arguing with that. My body is a BOSS. And my boobs! I bought a “D” bra for the first time in my life. I feel so voluptuous, like I finally joined the millions of women who actually have a good excuse for wearing a bra. Most of my life, I wore one more as an accessory, the purple bra strap sticking out from my t-shirt on purpose.

And don’t get me started on the men. They are so kind and generous, now that it’s obvious I’m pregnant and not just possibly overweight. It feels like male behavior toward me changed over night. I went from being invisible at times, to being the object of which brings back fond memories of when their wives were pregnant. Then there’s the door opening and the helping me with my groceries to the car, and the smiles that say “You’re beautiful.” It’s really quite sweet.

And the women! I get all kinds of great advice. Women are so helpful. Whether they have kids or not, it’s almost as if you are suddenly family and they would do anything to make your life just a little bit easier. I’ve been offered guided mediations, to play dates with our dogs, to picking up something I’ve dropped before I can get to it. Their look says to me, “You’re powerful.” It’s really quite inspiring.

The best thing about being pregnant is that you have the best excuse in the world to nap. “You’re growing a baby! Rest,” my friends say to me. “It’s the last time you’ll get great sleep  for the rest of your life,” fathers of toddlers tell me. So I nap. I nap every day and I hardly ever feel guilty about it. I place my knees over my body pillow and give myself forty minutes to take care of me.

There is always something to look forward to; the doctors appointment in two weeks, the lamp I ordered for the baby’s room to arrive in the mail, the baby kicking and squirming in my belly. It’s the ultimate project with all kinds of milestones to mark the time with. And all the while, my baby keeps growing and each day is a day closer to when I get to meet him.

Oh and there’s rocky road! If it weren’t for being pregnant, I wouldn’t know how magically delicious this substance is. Pregnancy has taught me that marshmallows in ice cream is the way to go and chocolate can cure stress. There’s also my hair! My God, it’s beautiful. It’s so thick. Sometimes, I brush my hair all to one side all 80’s like, to experience it’s ultimate fullness. I’ve noticed I’m softer and a bit sweeter. I like this side of myself and going to try and hang onto it.

And at the end of it all….if I’m lucky, I’ll get to say I have a son.