Unknown-1Before I got my job on GH when I was 7, I was already training to be an Olympic gymnast. All that really means, is you get picked out of a crowd and a really special trainer loosely claims you. I remember sitting in an office where my mother described to this trainer what this new acting job would entail. He looked at me as if you say, “Well, you’ve already made your decision. You can’t do both.” In fact, I didn’t have much control over this decision. I only knew I wanted it all. Huh- nothing’s changed in that department.

So, I became an actress and stopped training as a gymnast. But I never stopped flipping. Up until a couple years ago I could still do an ariel with ease. I’m obsessed with the sport and have followed every single Olympics from VCR to DVR. My mother reminded me last week how my Grandma would tape the entire Olympics for me, “We have the tapes somewhere, all those labels…,” my mom cackled. Of course, I always watch them live, but I would watch the tapes and study them, imagining how it would feel floating from the high bar to the low bar.

The 2016 Olympics have been exciting for me. Even though we all knew Simone was going to win, it was still a thrill to see her do it (crush it). It was great to see the reigning champ Gabby back, and Aly really impressed me with how she’s gotten even more skilled in the last four years. I’m obsessed with Laurie’s eyes and beautiful lines and Madison is killer on the bars…. an incredible team. Possibly the best ever.

Over the past week I’ve been gearing up for my 2nd episode of Pretty Little Liars (that I directed) to air, so imagine my surprise to find out the the “final five” and particularly Simone Biles are HUGE PLL fans! I’ve gotta thank social media for that little glorious nugget of information. All of a sudden I noticed Simone Biles RT (ing) my tweets and then Aly Raisman Dm’d me and I was all “AHHHHHHH!!!!” I fangirled out pretty hard. It’s a similar feeling to when I met Mayim Bialik in the 90’s and she ran toward me yelling, “Oh my god, it’s little Robin!” It was another reminder of how small the world really is and how something I do can be seen and appreciated by people I admire. Pretty damn cool.

I don’t regret stopping my training as a gymnast by any means. I’ve had an incredible career as an actress and now director. But these ladies are like super heroes to me. The tricks they are doing now, none of us could have even imagined 20 years ago. They are truly strong and feminine, and have impeccable poise. The future is FEMALE.

I hope they will be watching tonight…



Pretty Little Liars airs tonight on Freeform – “Exes and OMG’s”